Cloud County Health Center Auxiliary Installs 2022 Officers

Published March 2, 2022

Cloud County Health Center Auxiliary officers for 2022 were installed at their regular monthly meeting held in the CloudCorp meeting room. Auxiliary members enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the hospital’s food service department. Pam Campbell conducted the installation ceremony around the theme of spices. Each officer received a container of spice to reflect their office.

President Shirley Moynihan received allspice to signify her ability to blend together the work of all members. Vice President Marilyn Flesher received chili powder to reflect her special touch and enthusiasm for the Auxiliary. Secretary Bev Caron was given poppy seed to symbolize the many pieces of paper she will handle for the organization. Treasurer Janet Istas received mint, which of course symbolizes the “green stuff” she will handle for the Auxiliary. Retiring secretary Rita Collette received a small notepad and sticky notes to signify that she no longer has to keep long notes of the meeting.

All attending members were given a sugar heart cookie to remind them they are the heart of the organization. The state logo and motto this year is “Volunteers – the Heart of the Community”.

Every year CCHC Auxiliary raises funds to assist in purchasing needed equipment for the hospital. Recently, the Auxiliary donated $6,500 to assist with the hospital fund drive to purchase a stationary MRI for the new facility. The Gift Shop on first floor of the hospital is operated by the Auxiliary, and they are participating in the Chamber’s Spring Punch Card promotion.

The Auxiliary is open to everyone who wishes to support the hospital. Membership dues are just $5 and may be given to any of the officers, or by calling the hospital at 243-1234.