Cloud County Health Center Masking Policy

Published Oct. 12, 2022

Cloud County Health Center is adjusting its masking and visitor policy due to recent changes from CDC and CMS. Masking requirements were lifted for most businesses long ago, but remained in place for hospitals until recently.

According to new guidelines, masking will be based off of community transmission levels. If the community transmission level is HIGH or red, masking will be required in patient areas for employees and required of all visitors. If the transmission level is NOT HIGH, masking is only suggested. County transmission levels are announced every Thursday.

A sign will be posted at the front entrance letting patients and visitors know what the transmission level is and whether or not masking is required. “While we are pleased restrictions are being lifted, we want to remind everyone that our ability to lift our masking guidelines is based on community transmission levels,” said Dave Garnas, Administrator. “We are required by the CDC and CMS to comply with these regulations or risk losing our ability to serve Medicare and Medicaid patients.”

Garnas warns that masking could change weekly. “Make sure to read the signs coming into the building regarding transmission levels and please have patience with those serving you. We don’t make the rules, but in order to serve our community, we must follow them.”